The Best Free Password Generator Tool-TRP. #Made In India

The best free password generator tool online by TRP. Create strong passwords to protect your information. Along with Measures to prevent CyberCrime.#India

Password generator online by TRP

We all know privacy is a myth. To prevent Hacking or any other illegal work, the first step is to keep our passwords strong and unique so that nobody could hack them.

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Ransomware, identity theft, and cloud security breaches are just a few examples of what you don't want to happen.
We live in a world where these events are becoming more and more commonplace and being a secure netizen is a lot more complicated than it used to be.

How to prevent hacking-

First, you should change your passwords on a regular basis.

Personally, We recommend that you refresh your different account passwords every three months and make sure to use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters that would be hard for others to guess.

Next, make sure that you use different passwords for each account.
We know far too many people who reuse the same password for everything and while it's easy to remember it's not secure.

A data breach is due to?

The most common data breaches are due to password reuse.
Your sensitive information is like a goldmine for top multinationals.
In the 21st century Data is everything.
Whenever we need to create a password we take it for granted and use a simple easy-to-remember and weak password. That is what black hat hackers want.

Keep your passwords in a secure location-
We know that the easiest thing to do is write the password down on a sticky note or even type it into a secure word doc but use a password manager.
Password managers are a great way to generate and securely store all of your passwords.

Finally whenever possible use two-factor authentication.
Two-factor authentication is based on the concept of something that you know and something that you have, so when you log into a site you enter your password, something that you know, and also a code that gets sent to your phone, something that you have. 
By remembering these best practices you can make it more difficult for cyber attackers to gain access to your important data.

Being responsible netizens we need to make sure we are ethically, responsibly, and respectfully using the internet.

What is Sensitive Data?

of data that can cause substantial harm, embarrassment, inconvenience, and unfairness to an individual, if breached or compromised, are called sensitive data.
Examples of sensitive data include biometric information, health information, financial information, or other personal documents, images or audio, or videos.

Privacy of sensitive data can be implemented by encryption, authentication, and other secure methods to ensure that such data is accessible only to the authorized user and is for a legitimate purpose.

So, The best Free Password generator tool- TRP provides you a solution for preventing any malicious activity by providing you such passwords which will take decades or centuries to crack by a hacker.

The Best Free Password Generator Tool-TRP.#Made In India

Password Generator


Select your options and click the "generate" button. Your passord will appear above.

If we tell you about Cyber Crime

What is Cyber Crime?

Criminal activities or offenses carried out in a digital environment can be considered as cyber crime.

In such crimes, either the computer itself is the target or the computer is used as a tool to commit a crime or to steal private and confidential data for blackmailing and extortion.

What is Virus?

A computer virus is some lines of malicious code that can copy itself and can have detrimental effects on computers, by destroying data or corrupting the system.

What is a Malware?

Malware is a software designed to specifically gain unauthorized access to computer systems.

How to prevent cybercrime?

  • Take regular backup of important data
  • Use antivirus software and keep it updated always
  • Avoid installing pirated software. Always download software from known and secure (HTTPS) sites
  • Always update the system software which includes the Internet browser and other application software Do not visit or download anything from untrusted websites
  • Usually, the browser alerts users about doubtful websites whose security certificate could not be verified; avoid visiting such sites
  • While using someone else’s computer, don’t allow the browser to save password or auto-fill data, and try to browse in your private browser window
And Finally,

• Use a strong password for web login, and change it periodically. Do not use the same password for all the websites. Use different combinations of alphanumeric characters including special characters. Ignore common words or names in passwords.


The Best Free Password Generator Tool-TRP. #Made In India
For Generating strong and unique passwords.

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