Why Metaverse is a dangerous thing? Is it a threat or not?

Why Metaverse is a dangerous thing? How can you save yourself from these addictions? All important information related to Metaverse is here in this article.



Facebook is one of the biggest companies in the world. But on "28 October 2021", Mark Zuckerberg announced that Now Facebook won't be called Facebook anymore It will now be known as "META". 
By which he will control your life & everyone's life. We all know social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. Are very much addictive. But before becoming their addict, If we knew about their business strategy, So there were chances, That we never become addicted to them
Similarly, Which are business strategies? That will be used by Facebook, To make you an addict of Metaverse also. And till the end of the article, you will know

How you can save yourself from these addictions? 

What is this "META"? And what is Facebook going to do?

"Meta means beyond". And "Verse means Universe". That means "Beyond universe". Meta verse is a virtual platform, by sitting at your own house, You can experience things virtually. So Mark Zuckerberg says that Facebook from a social media company Is transitioning itself To a "Metaverse" company.

 In simple words, The things we use in a physical world Picking up all those things Facebook is taking them to a "Digital World".

So Metaverse will a digital world Where through your avatars, You can interact with your friends. You can travel to different places. And you can also buy things. Simply By excluding eating, going to the washroom & Sleep You can do everything in Meta Verse. Like in today's time If you want to attend any music concert, First, you will get ready, After that, you will reach that location. And then you will enjoy the music concert. But through Metaverse You can do all things just by sitting on your sofa. In Metaverse just by sitting at your house Through a virtual identity, In a virtual space, You can experience your music concert live
But as much as this all things sounds exciting, It is 10 times more dangerous than that
But why? 
If you want to understand this then, You have to understand these 3 things carefully. 

  1. What Facebook is doing? What are they doing exactly? 
  2. How Facebook is doing this? How will Facebook do all these things? 
  3. How will this change our social behavior?

All these things that are happening, What change will it bring to our social behavior? 

So the first thing is 

What exactly is Facebook doing?

So until now, Facebook was a social media company. With mainly three products Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp And company's philosophy was Buy, Copy or Destroy. Instagram & WhatsApp Were a big threat to the company. So they bought them. They couldn't buy Snapchat or TikTok. So their features, Were copied as stories & reels. There was a company named "Vines". To finish them, They due linked their API. So whichever companies are a threat to Facebook Either Facebook buys them Or just by copying their features Brings them to their platform. And if both of these things are not possible, then they destroy them. But Mark Zuckerberg knew it from the start That social media has its own restrictions. So the biggest limitation of social media is that "You can only monetize on attention." You can only earn people's attention. In simple words, Facebook & Instagram Both of these applications Can only earn through Business Ads. The biggest threat for Facebook can be "Consumer Awareness" So see As consumer awareness keeps on increasing Consumer behavior changes. And this change happens in the "Ripple Effect."

How? This brings us to the second thing. How Facebook will be doing all this? 

So Facebook is creating a fully virtual world. Where you can experience everything virtually. To make your experience that Facebook will develop VR devices. On 28 October, When Facebook announced Metaverse At that time they told that, Until next year they will launch a device Named "Cambria". It will be such a powerful device That when you take virtual meetings Through your avatars, Your avatars The same facial expressions that you are making Will mimic them. This means if you are smiling, Then your avatars will also smile. With this your virtual reality experience Will be enhanced more. Because suppose you are sitting in a virtual meeting, And you are smiling over there And your avatars are also smiling. Then other people can see by your avatars That you are actually happy after listening to them. Because of this experience is more enhanced. Not only this The avatars that they have designed Are so personalized.

So they know that in this world People are of different skin tones. Everyone's facial expressions are different. Everyone's facial characteristics are very different. And keeping that in mind By creating extreme personalization, They have designed all these things. 
And through such things, Facebook will fulfill its motive. What is that? So see, Facebook's first aim will be Make more & more people part of Metaverse. Why? So see In today's date rarely there is any business, Who doesn't do marketing on social media. This is because Everyone's attention is over there

So 3 important elements of Metaverse will be 

  • People -What is the use if people are not there? 
  • Businesses-All businesses will come on Meta verse And
  • Creators-Creators who will make digital objects. 

Who will make digital services? All those people. As more & more people become part of Metaverse Businesses & creators will be helpless And will have to come on Metaverse To sell products & services. Now see how this thing will help Facebook To create multiple streams of income. First Facebook will take advertising fees from Businesses. Because it has people's attention control. Second Platform fee. All the creators & businesses, Who will be part of Metaverse, All those will need to pay the platform fee. Because the platform is also of Facebook only. Number 3 commisions on sales. All the businesses. All the creators When they sell their products & services, Then Facebook may charge a little commission. And 4th and very powerful, As Facebook will have control of such a big ecosystem, Then Facebook may launch its own product. With which Facebook will a lot of profit. Now all these things are next level. Meta verse will make our life 70% easy. But if so 

Why is Metaverse a dangerous thing? 

And this brings us to the third thing. That is very necessary to understand. That is How will this change our social behavior? The reason behind it is "Progressive overload". Our body is designed in such a way, As we increase the load on it, The capacity of taking the load increases. For an example, If you drink one cup of coffee & go to the office So that you don't feel sleepy. Then after 2/3 weeks from now, Nothing will happen with one cup of coffee. You drink one cup coffee & go to office. You will sill feel sleepy. This happens because, Our body from that load of one cup of coffee Recovers early or makes progress. Now for the same thing, It will need more. Similarly it happens with alcohol. Ask a regular alcohol consumer, They will tell you that nothing happens in 4-5 pegs. This is because His body is set on 4-5 pegs. Now if you talk to someone Who hardly consumes alcohol, He will get high in 1-2 pegs. This is because his body is not progressed this load. In this way our body functions. Now, how does this work in social media? So understand this thing very carefully. As you start spending more time on Metaverse Your digital life It's value in your life Will increase more than your actual physical life. At earlier times Our attention span on our surroundings was 99%. This means we gave 99% attention to our surroundings. After that TV came and it reduced to 85%. After that computers came and it   to 70% And after mobile phones came This attention span is now just 50%. Our body works on "Attention energy flow". In simple words, Where we give attention there we waste our energy. And companies like Facebook, Works on the "Attention to money" flow principle. In simple words, The place where you give more attention , At that place Facebook will earn a lot of money. So let's understand this thing in depth. In today's date if you want to enter digital world, Firstly You need to remove your phone from the pocket. And after that, you will enter the Digital world. This means Some amount of resistance still exists. But when smart glasses will come, Then this resistance will be reduced a lot. And in today's date our 50 % screen attention Will increase to 90% and more than that. And its biggest disadvantage is We will lose all control of our life. Because your 90% attention & time Is on the virtual world. Then you will hardly have any control on your life. So what is the solution of all these things? Only two words "Rational thinking" Now this thing looks very fancy But seems tough to implement. Well I will tell you a simple way to apply this, You don't have to anything. Just ask these two questions to yourself. "Utility or Pleasure" Whichever thing In whatever thing You are giving you 20% day time This means whatever you are doing In which you are spending 20% of your time, In that thing just ask yourself this two questions. Does this thing have more utility? Or Does this thing give me pleasure? If you are getting more pleasure in it, So you don't have to do anything Just the amount of time you use in that thing Start reducing it slowly. And automatically You will have control over your life. By doing this thing Your life will have 3 major advantages 
Which many people of your circle may not have. 
  • Number 1 -More time You will have more time. 
  • Number 2 -Less influence You will get less influenced by many things. 
  • Number 3- Inform decisions Whatever decision you take it will be informed.
And from these social media companies If you want to be smarter than them. Then I will recommend you a book named as "Digital minimalism" by Cal Newport Believe me this book will change your life. 

Thank you for reading.
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