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From where do these illegal drugs enter India? Is Mumbai a Drug capital? Read this and get an idea of the root cause of the illegal drugs problem in India?


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        India is considered as a country of youth 

Productive Youth is an asset. But addicted youth is problematic and drug addiction is a very big problem in India and this problem has two aspects.

  • The first one is Where does this intoxication come from? 
  • The second aspect is who are the consumers? 

I'll be posting two articles, the first one on trafficking that will be covered in this article.

In the last few days, you must have heard about Bollywood, NCB, Aryan Khan, Drugs, etc but all those were only for TRP and Publicity.
In this article look at some facts and get an idea of the root cause of this problem.

If you observe, recently you must have heard the news about 2000 Tons of drugs was captured in a port in Gujarat which was worth 2.7 Billion USD and DRI has seized heroin worth 2000 Crore Rs in Navi Mumbai and you must have heard a statement that came in April 2021- NCB said that
  Mumbai is gradually becoming the Cocaine capital of our Country.

So, these types of news and statements keep floating and nowadays this all is getting normalized.
If you have heard the name of the movie 'Udta Punjab' then you must be aware that this issue is not only confined to Gujarat and Mumbai this issue has now spread in various states of our country.

So, how the drug network has grown and where do the drugs come from?
If you have a look at these then you'll find a paper written by Pushpita Das this is a very interesting paper and she has explained this beautifully.

Actually, India is surrounded by two huge drug hubs on one side lies the Golden Crescent under which comes Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran, and on the other side lies the Golden Triangle Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos come under this and because of having these two hubs on two sides of India Drugs reach India in huge quantities.

And if you observe these hubs not only violates the border restrictions but also are a danger for national security because if you look at the Bomb blast of 1993 behind which was Dawood Ibrahim the weapons and explosives used at that time, reached here by the same route which is also used for Drug trafficking.

And the route which is used for drug trafficking is also used for human trafficking.
So the trafficking of drugs, humans, weapons, and explosives is done through the same route and that's why this problem is not confined to drugs only using this, terror funding is also fed. 
15% of the funding used by the J&K-based terrorists is done by the payments from drugs.

If you want to know how the drugs enter India then you'll have to turn the pages of history In India, some drugs are consumed Traditionally like the consumption of opium or derivatives of certain drugs these are consumed in festivals and also consumed for recreational activities and medical purposes before the 1880s these types of toxic materials used to enter India from Nepal or Bhutan in very fewer quantities this was not a major concern as quantities were very less and internal consumption was the only purpose but nowadays these things are gradually growing and not only for internal consumption in India but also India is on the verge of becoming a shipping hub for exporting this kind of toxic materials and that's why drug trafficking is now a concerning situation.

So, from Pakistan heroin and hashish enters India, around 1000kg to 2000kg of heroin and around 2000kg to 4000 kg of hashish on average enters into India through trafficking per year and these drugs enter India from Pakistan through the states of J&K, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Maharashtra and therefore consumption of drugs in these states is also high.
If we have a look at each state one by one then, 
In Rajasthan, drugs enter through Thar Deserts where the borders are porous and poorly guarded, traffickers easily find places to hide the traffickers reach their centers by carrying drugs on the camel's back, and then with the help of vehicles, these drugs are further distributed.
If you look in Punjab, when the agendas related to Khalistan started emerging in India in the 1980s drugs trafficking observed a boom in Punjab since that period earlier their route went via Lahore, Fazilka, Bhatinda, Delhi now the route followed by them is through Atari and Wagah whether the drugs enter India from Rajasthan or Punjab complete quantity of drugs is first collected in Mumbai or Tamil Nadu and then trafficking of these drugs is done internationally, and this is the root cause of trafficking.

Next, if we look at J&K, drug trafficking is increased manifolds here since 1995 earlier the route followed by drug traffickers was Through RanbirSinghPura, Samba, and Akhnoor and now they traffick drugs from Jammu Sector and they use the Poonch-Jammu highway to carry drugs to the Jammu sector and starting from Pakistan they travel through many cities of India and finally reach their destination that is Mumbai.

So, the drugs travel in India like this.
Next, if we look at the Nepal Border then trafficking of Hashish and marijuana is done in huge quantities and the import of low-quality heroin has also now started from the Nepal border.

A lot of trafficking of drugs can also be seen through the India-Myanmar Border 95% of the opium of the golden triangle is grown in Myanmar and due to this reason, it is very concerning for our country.

The drugs are sent via Nepal and Myanmar is for consumption in northeastern states and after traveling via southern states of India it is distributed internationally.

So in this way, drug trafficking is done in the right-hand side part of India.
So, you can see that drug producers are active on both sides of India, and from both sides, they somehow get access to porous borders and finally carry drugs to India.

Apart from this drug trafficking is also done through seaways you must have heard incidents from Gujarat and Mumbai a lot of such incidents happens nowadays 
In Tamil Nadu Drugs arrive in huge quantities in ports of Tuticorin and Cochin and further trafficking of these drugs from these ports to various countries is done following the route to Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

Drugs enter India through airways also many drug moles have been caught in the airports of Delhi And Mumbai. Drug mole are the people with the help of whom drugs are distributed other airports such as that of Hyderabad, Bangalore Chennai, Amritsar, Trivandrum drugs have been caught in raids in these airports also keep the drugs that got caught by the police aside the drugs which got no attention from authorities must be a huge business and it must be an established route and drugs must be traveling from there for a very long time.
If we look at the counter steps taken by the government then that involves the NDPS act of 1985 and ITMBPS act 1989 these acts were enacted by the government and discussions are done with neighboring countries to sort out these issues and feelings of togetherness is developed in many agencies of India.

But after all these efforts we fail to achieve what we want to Many reasons lay behind this the 
  • The first one is whatever be the protection given to borders still, we get to hear about these porous borders where less safety exists even in some areas of Punjab interexchange of drugs is done via a game of throwing and catching from one side of the border to other so things carry out like this.
  • The second is the presence of a lot of corruption local agents and officers take money from traffickers and allow them to do whatever they want there are various agencies to control drug trafficking but they keep fighting with one other in the name of one's jurisdiction or sometimes acts carelessly that's why these types of cases go on increasing and takes a lot of time to get solved.

So these were some of the major problems which come in the way of controlling drug trafficking.
If the government takes the steps more seriously and considers this as a priority which is at present missing. If the government takes the steps seriously and introduces new acts, implement them at the rural level then only we can somehow control this drug trafficking but the whole problem is that people want the news full of drama and noise which shows pictures of Aryan Khan, when he ate and when, when he cried, when his bail petition was filed you will miss the root cause of this problem and many others in our country if you focus on such news.

The media of our country already knows what the residents like to watch.
That's why they want to show you the same repeatedly. And if you are interested more in how these problems can be solved so share these types of articles more and support the work done by people in this area then only media will learn that we also should talk with the same agenda.

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