Uses of Blockchain Technology In India? Blockchain explained-

How some Indian States are implementing Blockchain Technology? How they are securing the future of our country? Blockchain explained in the simplest way-


Friends, Sometimes when we try to conceptualize time and technological advancements in our mind, Then we don't have any frame of reference, That's why come with me on a thought experiment, Look at the time from 1939 to 1980, During the starting of that time, India was going through its own problems and we were not even independent, But many countries were continuously working on new technologies, And hence by 1980, those countries were very ahead of India Now, why did I said these 2 years to you to conceptualize 
Now You will understand this, Now think about from 1980 to 2021, These are also just 41 years, And the kind of technological advancements which happened in these 41 years, And life-changing for all of us, Look at phones, laptops, the internet, Everything has evolved with a life-changing speed, And India is a bit slow But is catching on this speed, And the kind of digital revolution India saw Was fantastic, And If I take you 41 years ahead,
Then where will India be in 2062?
Would India be leading everyone, or will it be behind other countries, It would depend on how much we work on futuristic technologies today,
And such technology is blockchain, Now, whenever I talk to you about Blockchain, Then you must think that It is alien technology and it must only be used for cryptocurrencies, But it is not like this, And hence we must talk about this technology more, And many state governments also agree with this,
And today I will tell you about how some Indian states are using Blockchain for many projects, And are securing the future of our country, 
First of all,

  • We will talk about Maharashtra 

In 2019, When Devendra Fadnavis was the CM, So there is an annual function happening there, So they gave a letter of intent, From a company named Print2Block, And this is a company related to blockchain, And hence this company has worked with many government departments with Letter of intent, Like Electricity board, They worked on distributed lift certificates with them, And when covid spread there in 2020, so disaster control board worked with this company, To distribute covid related certificates safely, You can test covid normally too, But making its record-keeping and distribution secure, And scaleable, Is difficult, 
Blockchain Helps Government here, When the Maharashtra government started using it, Then people said that this is the patient data, So people said that it must be a public blockchain and must not be safe, Then it was said that it is based on a private blockchain, And is very secure, Actually, the whole data is controlled by the Maharashtra government, There is another company's public blockchain, which regulated the integrity of this private blockchain,
From the genesis block(The first block), to the nth block(The last block)
 A public blockchain is deployed to check the private blockchain's integrity, But the whole data is on the private blockchain And is completely safe, This was about one state in which the state government was working with a blockchain company
But Blockchain technology's beauty is that It enables p to p transaction 

  • What is p to p transaction?

Which means pear to pear transaction, If it is financial, then you can call it cryptocurrency, Like bitcoin, ethereum, all these names which you must have heard, But if you are trading some other thing, then you can make smart and track And this thing is being tested in Uttar Pradesh

  • Let's see for Uttar Pradesh

 If solar panels are installed in your home and you are making electricity from there, Then you can sell the extra electricity too, Hence you will not waste extra electricity through this, and you will get money too, The 3 different boards in UP for electricity, Those 3 are collectively working on ISGF or India Smart Grid Forum, And their other partners are power ledger Australia and Abjayon consulting, So what they are basically doing is, They have started this on 12 people, Where there are 9 people who have solar panels in their homes, And 3 people are the buyers who will buy electricity from them, Now, smart contracts will be made so all the data will be on the blockchain, Smart meters will be installed in homes, And then it will be tracked that how much electricity is sold and from where, What must be its price, And how much excess power is consumed or produced, 
Everything will be tracked through the smart meter, Through blockchain technology, It sounds very futuristic, but google it once, About P2P solar energy trading, and you will get so many articles on it, But thankfully UP government is starting its trials from now only, I am sure you will be enjoying listening to these examples, And I will tell you about other states too, but I want to talk to you about something first, These futuristic uses of blockchain will be used in the future, But currently, their biggest use case is cryptocurrencies, And many people are investing in it currently, But this is very high risk and high reward game, So if someone suggests you invest in this, then please don't do, Always do your own research and then invest in these, 
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  • The third example is of Andhra Pradesh

Now look in our country, If you go to get a land registry, then it is the most TDS process, I have been to such offices, and you have to go from one window to another, But a simple solution to this is Blockchain, And this process is used in Andhra Pradesh, Fintech Vizag program was launched in Andra Pradesh in 2016, Under which many steps were taken for the technological advancements there One of them was the government's contract with Croma way, They have made a simple web app front end, And there is a distributed ledger in the back end, And radically transparent data is made available through that, About where does somebody has land, and who is buying it, So we can understand all these things easily here 
And you don't need to move around so much for this, And the whole land registry process can be run very smoothly through this in the state,

  •  Our next Example is Telangana 

This state has understood that until and unless we do not promote blockchain-related startups, Till then India cannot be at the forefront of this technology, That's why they got together with IBC media, ISB, IIIT Hyderabad, and created a T-block accelerator program, The shortlisted 30 startups in this, Who are working brilliantly on Blockchain, After that, they said that they will be given training for some weeks, In which there will be one on one sessions, workshops and they will be completely trained, And they will also help these startups in there Go to market strategy, Also, help them in getting technological implementation solutions, And will also help in giving some grants
So that these startups will work in the state with them, And implement the blockchain-related technology, And can solve real-world use cases
You can't be at the forefront of any technology without helping the startups, Telangana understood this thing and I hope other states should understand this too, And all the technological startups, Especially ones related to blockchain, Must be trained, So that we should work on making future global companies from now only, 

  • The next example is from Delhi and Tamil Nadu 

What comes to your mind when you hear about the municipal corporations, Broken roads and no one is working, Can you ever think that these people will be talking about Blockchain? Delhi Municipal corporation has given out tenders where they are inviting blockchain-related companies for Record management work, And similarly, Tamil Nadu has given out tenders for making Blockchain backbone structure, Where they are inviting blockchain-related companies

  • Conclusion

These were the Indian states which are working on blockchain-related projects. I am sure many other states are also working on such projects, please tell me in the comments, Now blockchain is not a future technology, which we have no relation with, if India needs to be at the forefront of technological advancements, Then we will have to adopt and promote technologies like Blockchain