Why India Needs To Learn From Israel's Education System? TRP

Israel's education system is the reason behind its success. Check out what is so unique in Israel's education system and why India needs to learn from it.


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A unique Education system is what every country wants. Here we bring the story of Israel's education system. Every country should have this type of system for achieving great milestones. Check out what is soo unique and interesting in Israel's education system.

These days one country is always engaged in conflict with its neighbours but due to its stubbornness and the investments in its own workforce, it has a pattern to set an example.

Yes, I am talking about Israel.

Israel is the world's 3rd most educated country universities of Israel rank in the top 100 worldwide, May it be science or technology Israel is a global leader in per capita research papers.

If you look at OECD countries then Israel is in the 2nd spot with 45% of people between 25-64 years of age having higher education degrees.

There are 135 engineers in every 10000 people of the workforce. This number is 85 in the US and 83 in Japan.

These are some facts and figures to prove

Why Israel's education system is believed to be one of the best in the world?

But if you are excited to know the reason behind this then you will find 2 reasons 

  • First is cultural led 
  • The second is government-led 

Cultural led means Jewish culture gives a lot of importance to education it is said you will rarely find a home where you won't see books on the table.

Government-led is 6-7 % of GDP is invested in education. The pupil (student) to teacher ratio is 12:1. That is there is always 1 teacher available per 12 students government investment is visible in teacher's salaries.

If you see Israel's elementary school teacher's salary then you will notice from 2005-2010 there was a 32% increment in salary.

But there is only a 5% increment when the numbers are compared to OECD elementary school teacher salaries the same trend is visible in overall teacher's salary hike overall hike of Israel's teachers is 8% while that of OECD average is 4% may it be teacher-student ratio, may it be teacher's salary or even the % of GDP invested in education on every aspect.

Israel is walking on govt-led reforms that's why the education system there is considered one of the best in the world

If I tell you some 3-4 big points about the education there then.

  • First would be that most schools are govt funded not like in India where people are advised not to go to govt schools where it is presumed that ceiling would be broken, water would be leaking, lights wouldn't be functional or classes wouldn't be good Absolutely not Here the schools are govt-funded and are top class, There studies are good and the straight meaning of good govt funding is to provide education to the more and more people.
  • Second is that the exams are given importance in India it like we have a third monthly exam, six-monthly exams, then yearly exams also we have small exams in between in Israel there is one exam whole year. So that to prevent students from focusing on exams whole year and fail to understand other things. To focus on learning and to understand why they are being taught all things.
  • The third important point is apprenticeship here people doing an apprenticeship is considered equivalent to the educational system. It means if you are doing some vocational training or doing some in-hand training then it is not seen as a gap year. The absence of a certificate does not leave you out of the education system there you won't find people who ask to see certificates to consider you educated.

Your apprenticeship is considered equivalent to educational standard it shows how much importance is given to skillset in Israel 

The fourth and last point which is unique to Israel is students above 18 years of age may it be men or women It is mandatory for them to join the armed force since Israel is continuously in conflict with all its neighbors And the population is low. So to avoid fewer people in the armed force everyone is trained. But the training has a good influence on their life It teaches them to be focused, disciplined, and hard-working to achieve goals.

I am sure you must be enjoying Israel's story now Israel is focusing on skills but in India focus is more on degree than skills.

 If your resume is not good then it's possible you may never sit in that job where your skill could be used Since we are talking about govt investment in education how can we forget that the education is mandatory from class 1 to 10 and is totally free of cost class 11th and 12th are also free of cost.

Not mandatory but yes it's free of cost 

There are 3 types of high schools

  • First is normal high school with only education 
  • The second is interesting where you only get vocational training. Where you trained in such a manner that you can directly join the skillful workforce after passing from it 
  • The third has a hybrid structure When you go to university after high school you have to give an entrance test and a psychometric test Free education is the reason why you find a huge educated population Also the trained and skilled workforce is highly specialized.

I am not saying these are the industries' words Microsoft, Motorola, Intel, and many such big companies are setting up offices in Israel.

Israel is called a start-up hub

In a population of just 7.7 million, you will find 4800 start-ups that are mostly high-tech. Bill gates believe that workforce here is highly skilled and doesn't have much difference from the people in silicon valley in the US.

He says the workforce is highly skilled in information security And such a workforce is rarely available in the whole world. That's why even big countries are technologically dependent on Israel.

India also has a lot of technologies that are imported from Israel. A small country making itself so much technologically advanced, creating such a big start-up ecosystem that even big people like Bill Gates praise its workforce make big companies set up their research and development offices there.

This is nothing less than a miracle. 

The miracle is made because of the educational system which is free and is more focused on skills.

This Is is something India can learn from Israel.

Thank you for Reading 
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