How To Make A Robot At Home- TRP

In this article, we will guide you on how to make a simple robot at home. Just follow these super-simple steps.   

How To Make A Robot At Home- TRP

Hello Friends, In this article, we will be making a remote-controlled robot.

This robot is really fun to play with and most of all it is very simple to make

To make this robot we will need-

  • A small plastic box with a lid
  • Two 3v toys DC motors of similar specifications
  • Two LEDs of the same color
  • Two pushbuttons
  • About 2-3m of four different color wires
  • Li-Ion cell Holder

In this, we will be using Li-Ion cells as power source

Follow these super-simple steps to make a simple toy robot at home-

  • Take the plastic box Using Hot Glue, paste both the motors on the lid Make sure they are in center and opposite to each other
  • Mark the position of motors on the boundary of the box Cut a slit on both sides, so that the box closes well
  • Now, solder the LED to the motors These LEDs will act as the eyes
  • Mark and make holes to insert the LEDs
  • Also, make a hole at the back to insert the wires
  • Solder the wires to the motor
  • Pass the wire through the hole insert the LEDs and close the box
  • Now, take the cell holder and the two buttons Solder both the buttons at the back of the holder
  • Now, pay attention to the polarity Connect both the -ve wires together Solder them to a -ve terminal of battery holder Solder the +ve wires to the buttons
  • Secure the wires using Hot Glue Connect the two-button terminals together using a small wire, make the connection between the +ve terminal of the battery holder and the buttons
  • Now, Pay attention to the polarity and insert the cells in parallel
  • Press the buttons and test the working of all the components
  • If everything works fine, it is now time to make the wheels
  • From a piece of cardboard, cut 4 wheels off about 4cm in diameter
  • Using Hot Glue, Paste two pieces over one another to make two pair of wheels Apply some Hot Glue and smooth the eyes
  • From a plastic pen, carefully cut few circles
  • Also, cut a Balloon to get the rubber grip for the wheels Attach the wheels to the motors and secure them with the glue or plastic circles
  • Our Toy Robot is now ready Use the remote and test the working of the robot If everything works well, apply some tape over the wires on the remote

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