The best Data Entry Job Websites Available In India-TRP

Jobs: These Best Data Entry Jobs Websites Available for Students and Professionals in India-

The best Data Entry Job Websites Available In India-TRP

You do not need a lot of investment for these data entry jobs. Along with only a PC and internet connection, you should have good typing speed and basic Hindi or English knowledge.

These days most of the people want to join some part-time job so that they can earn well. Data entry job can prove to be the best career option for all such people, who want to do some work sitting at home. Those people who do not have higher qualification, they can also earn well by doing some hard work sitting at home. Similarly, it is also a better job option for housewives. In this job a lot of work can be done in less time and not much investment is required. Data entry jobs usually have typing or filling form type jobs. Nowadays all the data entry jobs have become online due to digitalization everywhere and in our country India there are many websites that offer data entry jobs for students and professionals. Let us read this article further and know about the best data entry job websites available in India.

One Space

OneSpace is actually a software platform that provides workflow automation solutions for businesses. But they have a separate special portal that hires freelancers or candidates for online work. On this website you will get to do all the work that a freelancer has to do. Such as translation, proofreading, copy editing and editing etc. There are different types of data entry tasks on this website. If you have complete knowledge of data entry then surely you will get better opportunities to work.

Indeed is a very large world-class search engine. This website also has a country best search, where candidates can find jobs according to their needs. Under its data entry jobs, this website provides jobs to thousands of people. Although it is a bit difficult to find a normal job on this website, but if you make a little effort, you will definitely be able to get a data entry job through this website. Yes. You will have to enter and search the job according to your location.

Click Worker

Clickworker was launched by NASA as an experimental project. For this, the worker is hired for scientific data work. In today's date, it has become a reputed online brand that pays its workers even for small tasks. Through this, mainly the tasks of web research, data categorization, online survey, proof reading, text correction etc. are given. Their special thing is that they are always in search of such a worker who is expert or has interest in doing all kinds of work online on the internet. There is no dearth of jobs here, for this you have to create your profile by visiting this website and you will have to complete some short assessments. The number and quality of your jobs will be determined based on the scores you get in the assessments you fill in. You can find out more about this by clicking on ClickWorker's website. Clickworker makes payment of its workers on a Wickly Basis. They pay by SEPA transfer or PAYPAL.

Smart Crowd

Lionbridge is a part of a business process sourcing company dealing with smart crowd community management. There are about 1 lakh cloud workers working for this company on a regular basis. Some of its client companies are global market leaders, such as Adobe, Caterpillar, Dell, Cisco, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, and others. All these companies give a lot of work to connect users all over the world with them. Most of these work mainly consists of data entry, data research, testing and language translation. The best part is that it does not cost any money to be a part of all these companies or fill their forms. Its form is free of cost. At the time when you fill your worker application form, the website's employees scrutinize you about your education, qualification, demographics, expertise area, and language skills, etc. According to your profile, they give you suitable work. Once your application form is submitted they send your form for a placement evaluation. It is from your placement evaluation that it can be known that how much work will be assigned to you by the company in future? Therefore, candidates willing to do data entry jobs can take the help of this website. Their rates are fixed for every work. According to your work at the end of the month, they send money directly to your account.


Money can be easily earned by this company through the Internet. In this, one has to identify and solve the captcha correctly. If sometimes if you do not recognize the words of the captcha correctly, then for this you have to solve it by typing login to the website. You can earn money by solving all these captcha. But you cannot expect to earn a lot of money in this kind of work.

Its payment is done through WebMoney, payja, bitcoin and perfect money. when you earn.

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