7 signs and symptoms of lack of water in the body-TRP

Check these 7 signs and symptoms which indicate the lack of water in your body-


Badmouth –

Water is essential for saliva production and helps flush out bacteria so you can maintain healthy teeth and gums.  Lack of water inhibits saliva production and causes bacteria to build upon the tongue, teeth, and gums that can lead to bad breath or bad breath.

Frequent fatigue – 

Not drinking enough water leads to an overall fluid loss in the body  can.  Loss of this fluid can lead to a decrease in blood volume which puts extra pressure on the heart to carry oxygen and nutrients to organs, including muscles.  Lack of water can give you symptoms like fatigue and low energy.

 Falling sick frequently –

Water helps to flush out toxins, waste, and bacteria from the body to fight illness and infection as well as your immune system strengthens.  If it seems like you are getting sick all the time, understand that your body is losing water. 

Constipation – 

Water helps keep your stool soft and move easily through the digestive tract with good digestion and regular bowel movements.  promotes.  Not drinking enough water can cause your body to draw water from the stool to compensate for the loss of fluid, leading to hard and firmer stools that are more difficult to pass.  A must look radiant, vibrant, and more youthful. 

Lack of water can cause the skin to lose its softness and elasticity– 

Which can lead to dryness, wrinkles, and sagging skin.  Water helps reduce skin problems by flushing out harmful toxins from the body. 

Dehydration hinders the body's ability to access glucose stores for energy. -

This can increase the craving to eat things rich in sugar and carbohydrates.  Obviously, excessive consumption of these things can put you at risk of many diseases including diabetes.

Darken colour of urine- 

When your body is dehydrated, kidney function can be affected.Low urination is a major symptom of this.  Not only this, drinking less water can darken the color of urine, may smell and look cloudy.  When your body lacks enough water to flush out toxins and bacteria, you may also be at higher risk of urinary tract infections.