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Knowledge: Why is the tire of every vehicle black in color? would never have imagined such a reason


After starting with a bicycle from childhood, the journey of vehicles goes on. Sometimes bike, scooty, car, jeep, truck... whatever the vehicle is, all have some things in common. Everyone's tire is also of the same type. Their size is of course different but the color (Tyre Color Black) is the same for all. Tire Color Black Why is the color of the tire of every vehicle. But have you ever wondered why the color of every vehicle's tire is black? Know the special things related to the color of the tire (Interesting Facts About Tire).

Black tires are made from white rubber

In this colorful world, the color of every tire has been kept black. There is a very special reason behind this. This is also seen by adding to the tightness of the tyre. Actually, tires are made from rubber. Rubber is white in color and tires made of rubber wear out very quickly. In such a situation, questions were being raised on the strength of the tyres. Then it was found in research that by adding Carbon and Sulfur to rubber, tires can be made stronger. After doing this, the color of the tire also changed from white to black.

Strong even color connection

According to a BBC report, a tire made of plain rubber can last up to 8 thousand kilometers, the same tire made of carbonized rubber can last up to 1 lakh kilometers. Sulfur is also added to it along with carbon. This shows that carbon is added to the rubber to make tyres, for their strength.

Colorful children's bicycle tires

Small children's bicycle tires are colorful and quite beautiful. Carbon is not added to the rubber used in their tyres. Actually, children have less weight and in such a situation, there is no worry about making the tire more strong.