Why Indians are being deceived easily, know nine reasons?

The number of fake call centers is increasing in the country. With this, scams are increasing. According to a recent survey by Microsoft, India's tech talent is being used to make the country a hotbed of scams. Seven out of every 10 people are falling prey to tech fraud in some form or the other. 

Knowledge: Why Indians are being deceived easily, know nine reasons:


1. Convince easily

One of the reasons why the count of frauds through calls, texts, emails is increasing day by day is that we rely on the calls coming from unknown numbers. 47 percent of those surveyed believed that companies can contact them through phone, message

2. Not being able to learn from mistake

We keep getting caught in the same type of fraud again and again. The survey found that about 48 percent of the respondents continued to get embroiled in scams. Until they got a big hit.

3. Lack of technical understanding

At present, most of the population of the country is either unaware of technical things or is a novice. Most of the other aspects of running the phone are not known. It takes us time to understand things like software and commands. In such a situation, they are easily fooled by means like digital payment. According to the survey, about 48 percent of the people were cheated at the time of bank transaction.

4. Excessive Self Confidence

Despite not having much technical understanding, most believe that they have high skill in this matter. In the survey, people of all age groups ranked themselves high in computer education.

5. Youth spending time online

The young generation, who is online all the time, is becoming the victim of the most scams. According to statistics, 58 percent of millennials and 28 percent of Gen Gs in the country continue to be victims of fraud, that too repeatedly.

6. Householding during the Corona period

Due to the Corona epidemic, all the work has gone on the Internet for the population suddenly forced to depend on technology. Offices, schools, colleges, all are running online. Taking advantage of this, hackers and scammers are engaged in stealing personal information by entering the digital system. They are being used again for cheating.

7. Job Hope

Along with this, scammers are also taking advantage of the helplessness of those who lost their jobs due to the pandemic. In many cases that came to light in December 2020, it was found that many were cheated online by promising jobs. In the name of securing the job, some money was demanded, and in any case, the people who were worried about getting the job paid that amount too. After that, it came to know that there is no such company from which the offer had come.

8. Honey Trap

Microsoft's survey shows that 73 percent of men who come in contact with scammers stay connected until their money is extorted. Many online deceptions happen with them by falling in the trap of love.

9. Ignoring Hardware, Software Updates

There are very few people who even notice that the computer, the phone should be updated and checked from time to time. We may be saved once from an online fraudster, but it is not guaranteed that they will not be able to access our system further. By clicking on the advertisements that pop up on the website and the links created on them, we open the way to our system for scammers. It remains open until the system is repaired. However, people who have suffered bad injuries have been conscious about it. According to a survey by Microsoft, about 82 percent of the people who have been victims of fraud in 2021 so far are now insisting on checking the computer from time to time and getting them repaired by experts.