Why are prisoners given white and black striped uniforms in jail? -TRP

Knowledge: Why are prisoners given white and black striped uniforms in jail? Why they don't get any other dress to wear?


Is the Dress A Symbol of Shame?

You must have seen many such films in which there will be a jail scene. People in jail are often seen in uniforms with white and black stripes. All dress is the same as if they were recruited in an army or school.

But have you ever wondered why the prisoners are given a kind of uniform in the jail?

The history behind this?

The story of giving uniforms to prisoners in jail is related to history. It was told that the Auburn Prison System came to America in the 18th century. It is believed that from here the modern type of prison started. Here, a striped dress of gray-black color was given.

Why is the dress given?

According to media reports, the biggest reason is that if a prisoner runs away due to the dress being fixed, then people will recognize him and tell the police. Apart from this, the dress is also given to fill the spirit of discipline in them. It is also a matter of fact that the grey-black strips were presented as a 'symbol of shame'. But when it came to the human rights of prisoners, the symbol of shame was dropped. After this, in the 19th century, the black and white dress came into the trend.

Is the dress the same in all countries?

It is not that the prisoners are given white and black striped uniforms like in India. All over the world, There are different types of dresses in different countries. Talking about India, it is said that during the British period, the human rights of the prisoners were considered. In such a situation, this dress came into play from there. But not all prisoners are given dress. According to media reports, the prisoners who are sentenced are given dress. Apart from this, those who are kept in custody, remain in normal clothes.