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Software from companies like Adobe Microsoft and others can be quite pricey especially those with monthly yearly fees that can add up over time in this article, I'll show you three alternatives to those popular programs in 10 categories all of which are available for windows mac and Linux as an added bonus we'll even show you free alternatives to windows and mac os.

Microsoft 365 which includes their office programs 

Word Excel and PowerPoint is very popular but having to pay for other services you'll probably never use it overkill at this time Microsoft 365 is 70 for their personal edition and hundred dollars for family or you could pay a one-time fee of around 150

If you just want their office suite in this category, we have two free alternatives for you first of which is LIBRA office with alternatives for Microsoft word excel and PowerPoint it's compatible with Microsoft Office file types it lets you open office documents and edit them and you can even save your documents in a format that can be read by people that use office another one of our favorites that's been gaining popularity over the last couple of years is the only office just like libra office

Only office includes compatibility with the popular Microsoft Office formats in addition only office allows for real-time collaboration with others which is handy if you're working in a team environment 

If you're looking for image editing software Adobe photoshop is the most well known and feature-packed 

It comes with a steep cost as well with plans that start at around 21 per month 

The best free alternative to photoshop is it features an expansive tool set allowing you to do everything photoshop can but there is a high learning curve.

If you're someone who's a digital painter another free photoshop alternative is Krita it's feature-packed as well with over 100 brushes stabilizers and also allows you to work with layers

Adobe Lightroom is for those people focused on photography its features help you to organize edit and store your photos lightroom's cost is just around ten dollars per month but is overpriced for what it does Darktable is the best free alternative to lightroom with a ton of features to improve a photographer's workflow unlike or photoshop which are raster graphics editors Dark table allows for non-destructive editing keeping the original image data until finalized it also includes tools to keep your images organized and easily search by parameters using virtualization software 

VMware is a great way to try out other operating systems and software in a sandbox without doing harm to your primary system VMware Workstation for Windows and Linux is one of the most popular with pricing that starts at 149 and for mac os the name of VMware's product is called Fusion the pricing for this also starts at 149 

The best free alternative for VMware workstation and fusion is- VirtualBox it's available for all three of the major platforms windows linux and mac while they do provide a user manual it can be quite difficult for newbies to get started 

If you're looking for high-quality video editing software you have many choices final cut vegas pro and adobe premiere pro are a few of the most popular using premiere pro as an example it lets you work with any file format add transitions and special effects and edit on unlimited tracks the pricing for premiere pro starts at around twenty-one dollars per month

A comparable free alternative to premiere pro The final cut and vegas pro is DaVinci Resolve

It offers multi-cam support transitions color and audio correction along with everything else you would need to edit and trim your videos in addition, DaVinci resolve is also a great free alternative to adobe after effects it lets you create high quality visual effects and motion graphics they have two versions available DaVinci resolve and Davinci resolve studio

Davinci resolve is the free one it includes just about every feature you probably ever need when working with scalable vector graphics create logos icons or any other type of professional quality vectors

Adobe illustrator is what many people use just like many other adobe products illustrator will set you back around 21 per month 

The best free alternative to illustrator for creating vector graphics is Inkscape it includes a ton of features for object creation and manipulation these can be filled with solid colors radial or linear color gradients and patterns all of which are compliant with the SVG format 

Inkscape does have a steep learning curve thankfully they do have tutorials on their site that will teach you how to use it 

There are a ton of free screen recorders available but you have to be careful what you choose most like Bandicam will slap a nasty watermark on your recording if you use the free version the best paid screen recording software right now is Snagit and it includes a ton of tools to capture your screen its cost is a one-time fee of around 50 with a 1250 annual maintenance fee to upgrade to the next version without paying the full price

The best free screen recording alternative to Snagit is Obs studio which is what we use.

If we summarize everything in short then-



  • Microsoft WordExcel, and PowerPoint

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Lightroom

  • VMware

  • Adobe premiere pro

  • Adobe illustrator

  • Snagit