Why four-wheeler vehicles have to give tax on toll plazas and not two-wheelers?

Knowledge: Why only four-wheeler vehicles have to give tax on toll plazas and not two-wheelers:-

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All of you must have seen the toll plaza while driving on the National Highway or State Highway. Toll tax is definitely taken from all the big vehicles like cars, buses, trucks, and more in the toll plaza. But have you ever noticed that toll tax is not charged from the two wheelers. But do you know why these small two wheelers are not taxed? In today's knowledge we will tell you about these

1. Stress or load on the road

The first reason for not levying toll tax on two wheelers is the weight of these vehicles. The weight of two wheelers is much smaller than that of big vehicles, due to which they do not weigh much on the road, because we are not able to keep much luggage on the bike or scooter. Because of these small vehicles, the road does not get spoiled. This is the reason why they have been kept toll free.

2. Two wheeler driver economic status

Tell that whatever the mode of traveling is or Mode of transportation In them, the two wheeler has been kept in the lowest level vehicles. You must have also heard by now that rich people always travel in cars, while poor or weaker sections use only two wheelers. Although it is not necessary that the economic condition of everyone is weak, but this is the reason why the government also does not take toll tax from them.

3. Cover All Toll Roads

Significantly, for long distances in the country, only big vehicles, cars, buses, trucks are often used to go from one place to another. In which these vehicles are also used for distances of thousand, two thousand or more, which pass through various toll taxes of the country, while it was rarely seen that two wheelers cover more than one toll. Therefore, two wheelers are not taxed.

4. Size and location of the two wheeler

You must have noticed that big vehicles like cars, trucks, buses, etc. have different sizes and locations, which is why their toll tax charge is different. Whereas the size of two wheeler is smaller than all these. Because of this also they are kept toll-free.

Why is toll tax charged?

Actually, tax is charged from big vehicles because whatever national highway has been made. This tax is taken to cover the cost incurred in making it. The second reason is that there are potholes on the road, because the weight of big vehicles is more, and due to these reasons many times the road gets damaged. Toll tax is charged from you for their repairs.