How to split your payment on Amazon? Read now

Knowledge: Here's how you can split your payment on the Amazon e-commerce platform-


Manier times we come in this type of situation where we need to split our payments, so the question is how can you do that on Amazon? Is that possible?

When buying something on Amazon, you can split your payment between a gift card and a credit card. 

Here's how to do it.

You cannot split an Amazon payment between two different credit cards, but you can split the payment between a gift card and a credit card.
  • On Amazon, go to your cart by clicking the basket icon here.
  • Click the "Proceed to Checkout" button.
  • Review your delivery options.
  • Check the correct debit or credit card is selected under "payment method."
  • In the box under "Add a gift card, promotion code, or voucher,"
  • enter your Amazon gift card code.
  • Click "Apply."
  • If you've already added a
  • a gift card to your account, make sure the box labeled
  • "Use your gift card balance"
  • is checked.
  • And then, when you're ready
  • to finalize your order, click "Place your order".
So this was how you can do it.