Do you know about these new cool features in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

These 5 cool features will be available in Battlegrounds Mobile India, the gaming experience will be bang:-


Battlegrounds Mobile India is all set to launch in India. On 4 September 2020, the Government of India banned PUBG Mobile along with 118 other apps. Since that time, PUBG fans are waiting for the return of this game. Battlegrounds Mobile India was announced on 12 November 2020 from the official Instagram page of PUBG Mobile

After this, pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India has also been started for the last few days. Players can also win some special rewards by pre-registration for this game. Battlegrounds Mobile India will come with new features. Let us tell you the top five features of this new battle royale title.

1. Brand new effect setting

The most important feature of Battleground Mobile India is the new hit effect settings. The red-colored hit effect has been eliminated from this title to ensure a safe gaming experience for gamers of different ages. This time around, a new green-colored hit effect has been introduced in the game.

In shooting effects, instead of red color blood drops, effects like green-colored leaves will be seen. It also has other color effects including Yellow Hit Effects.

2. Default clothing

The new thing in this new battle royale title is its default clothes. In this feature, whenever a player creates a new account or switches to an old account, he will get the default clothes on the in-game character. There won't be any in-game characters without a shirt or pants.

3. Improved gaming environment

Many special changes have been made in Battlegrounds Mobile India to make the game more user-friendly. These changes make users less violent in this game so that this game is worth playing for gamers of all ages. Some changes in this gaming features:

  • Restricted playtime feature for players
  • Use of the word 'Finished' instead of 'Killed' to kill the feed
  • Notifications about a game set up in a virtual world

4. Data transfer

Another special feature of Battleground Mobile India is Data Transfer. Players can transfer all the data from their old PUBG Mobile accounts to the new Battlegrounds Mobile India title.

The data transfer feature is very easy to use. The way to transfer data has been given in the new version of the game. All players' outfits, weapon skins, frames, titles, and achievements will remain intact.

5. India-based server

Its last feature is related to security and server. For Battlegrounds Mobile India, servers are only available in India and Singapore. Player data will be collected on these two servers only. This is also one of the government guidelines of the Government of India, which the company is following.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is exclusive for Indian players, so players will be able to experience lower ping and smoother gameplay.