The Ultimate Revelation Of Why Do Doctors Wear White Coats And Green Clothes During Operation?

Knowledge: Why do doctors often wear white coats and green clothes during operations?

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Have you ever wondered why they do this? In today's knowledge package, we are talking about it to you only.

In the Corona era, we all understood the importance of doctors. These frontlines workers were engaged in the treatment of people day and night. In such a situation, when you see the photos of doctors on social media, they are either seen in white coats or green coat. Often doctors carry a white coat with them. But when they go for the operation, they wear a long green cloth. But have you ever wondered why they do this? In today's knowledge package, we are talking about this to you.

 Why do doctors wear white coats?

There is a very old story behind the doctors wearing white coats. The story dates back to the 19th century. At that time, white coats were worn only by scientists and people working in the lab. Scientists were busy at that time to tell the treatment method of doctors wrong. For doing so, he was also respected by the rulers. Then it was decided to convert the medical profession into science. Doctors also entered the field to become scientists. It is said that in 1889 AD, doctors started wearing white coats. 

The modern white coat is attributed to whom?

The modern white coat is attributed to Dr. George Armstrong of Canada.

At the same time, it is also mentioned that white clothes are worn as a symbol of peace. It is also believed that after coming to the hospital, the patient can stay positive in a stressful environment, that is why doctors always wear white coats.

Then why green cloth during operation?

Now a question is also that why do doctors wear green clothes while doing the operation? 
It is said that earlier doctors used to wear only white coats even during the operation. But in 1914, an influential doctor changed it. 

Why it was done like this, there is no solid reason behind it
According to the information available, this is done so that the doctors do not get under mental stress after seeing the color of the blood. It is also said that there is a problem in seeing bright colors continuously. That's why doctors use green color in theatres. They give rest to the eyes.

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